effects of social media markteing

Is Social Media Marketing the new strength of businesses? 

Social Media marketing for your business is an important aspect. – Something that literally ‘everybody’ knows about, uses, and cherishes. Do you have something to celebrate? Do you have something to express? Did you just lose out on a big opportunity? Social Media is the place you will vent out or celebrate your success!
Studies have shown that a person uses social media at least 3-4 hours each day and this is the
strength that this platform holds. Imagine how much reach can Facebook, Instagram,
Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn can give to your business.
Businesses have already started utilizing social media to its fullest and sales are increasing by
an average of 23%. Be it an apparel store, or an electrical appliance shop, social media can
reach out to your audience in a better and faster way.
Over time, social media platforms have gained immense attraction. Be it scrolling through.

Are brands really using Social Media to its fullest?

Now, that question will soon answer itself once you finish reading this piece. and by this you will understand what is the importance of social media marketing for your business.
Have you ever gone through Zomato or Durex’s moment marketing? Now, that’s where social
media helps brands. Utilizing every news from the world, and changing it into an effective
strategy to gain ‘traction from people.
Many a time, Facebook, and Instagram handles of Twitter have been seen as “sweet-fighting”
along with other brands.
Within seconds, they have millions of views and the reach they want. Now, it’s obvious that these big brands can gain reach very easily, but there are no worries because social media is
helpful for all types of businesses.

What does it means for your business?

Social Media is just not a platform to earn money, but it gives your business reach and acknowledgment. After the Covid -19 Pandemic, India saw a surge in the launch of small businesses and online thrift stores. Their survival strategy was based on formulating the best
social media marketing plan. So what are you waiting for?

Get your business up and going with the best social media marketing strategies. and by this you will understand what is the importance of social media marketing for your business. A few ways through which you can reach your audience are listed below:

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page and join several Facebook Groups where you can
    regularly post about your products and services. This strategy can reach out to your audience
    very easily and convert potential customers to consumers in a faster way.
  2. Create an Instagram account and formulate strategies to build your community. Use proper
    hashtags with every post, post regularly, give quality content, and know how to promote your
    products. Showing your products in the correct way to the customers is the key to an online
    business. Using proper hashtags and location features can give a greater reach to your
  3. Create a LinkedIn Page for your Business. It helps you not only to reach out to your
    audience but assists in hiring processes. Add your business to LinkedIn Groups and promote
    your product/ service.
  4. Use YouTube to create videos that speak for your company and your product/service.
    Create engaging content, and you can use YouTube Shorts as well for reaching out to the
    maximum number of people.
    There are many more social media platforms, but the above-mentioned ones are the most
    result-oriented and give better engagement.

Few more Points:

As you already know how to begin with social media marketing so we can discuss in detail,
how will it actually help you in your business.

  1. Better Reach – As we have already read, social media platforms help you to reach a bigger
    target audience through various sources. A good branding strategy can help you bring more
    and more leads through social media marketing who have a greater chance of a conversion.
    With SMM, you don’t go to customers to see if they want to buy your product, customers
    come to you with their requirements.
  2. Ensure customer satisfaction – Traditional way of marketing doesn’t give you a gateway to
    measure your customer’s satisfaction. The scope of feedback is negligent when you are going
    with traditional marketing but with social media marketing, you can understand your

customers and their expectations. Feedbacks are really necessary for understanding consumer
behavior, and social media platforms help you to analyze the same.

  1. Monitor your growth – All social media platforms help you to follow the growth trend of
    your business page. With different analytical tools, you can ensure how your page is
    performing and where it needs improvements.
  2. Improve where you lack – As we discussed earlier, social media analytics help you to
    monitor your growth as well as help you improve where you are lacking. Targetting the
    correct audience, posting at the correct time, formulating strategies, implementing them, and
    revising them time-to-time is very essential for growing your brand.
  3. A different customer base – Traditional Marketing follows a different customer base, and
    social media marketing follows a more diverse one. Your customer base increases by 3x the
    amount you can target your audience, even worldwide.

Social Media Marketing is actually the strength of all businesses today, and your brand
should be digital also. Adosy helps your company to get the online reach your brand
needs and steps up your digital marketing games. Contact us today, and give your brand a
new outlook.

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